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Carry On Friends The Caribbean American Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

We’re about to hit the 4th quarter of 2019 and I wanted to do this check-in before the year ends because we’ve covered a lot of important content the last couple months.


Mentioned in this episode:

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Sep 3, 2019

Filmmaker, Meschida Philip; Award Winning Journalist, Melissa Noel; and Multimedia Storyteller Lisa Harewood join this episode of the podcast to talk about "Barrel Children" and the effects of migration and family separation in the Caribbean Community. 


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Aug 20, 2019

Success is a long game that requires you to show up regularly and consistently over time. How do you do this? Listen to this episode to find out 4 ways to stay in the long game.


Mentioned in episode

  • Mark Anthony Hill interview part 2 - Submit questions
  • Bklyn Caribbean Lit Fest (Sept 6-8) - 

Aug 6, 2019

Mark Anthony Hill is a Jamaican high school soccer phenom, former Jamaican Bobsledder turned prolific artist.

In this episode I talk with Mark about his:
  • Artwork, including his recent collection commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Transition from soccer star, to bobsledder to...

Jul 23, 2019

Keshia Morris the census and mass incarceration Project Manager for Common Cause, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy.
In this episode of the podcast we discuss the facts about the census and why it is important that our community participates in the...